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The simple black and orange colours offer an electric design. The Toalson S-Mach Tour is manoeuvrable and easy to use. This should satisfy beginners to intermediate level players who are looking to improve their performance without forcing ! 

Benefits for the players Manoeuvrability - Speed - Comfort 

The 10.58 oz (300 gram) weight and the well balanced (32.5 cm) racquet offers incredible stability and manoeuvrability from the back of the court and at the net in order to perfectly finish your points or counter-attack your opponent's heavy shots.

The tolerant head size of 100in² (645cm²) is accessible for a large variety of players. This will allow you to deliver powerful and accurate shots without losing control.


Technology : 
Flex Counter Parts : This technology is present on both sides of the frame of the racquet and will minimise deformation when striking the ball in order to maximise stability.
Synergy Big Hole : The grommets are bigger in certain areas. They can be as big as 4,2 mm, creating a synergetic effect with the string. This allows your string to work more in order to increase ball rotation when striking the ball. This enhances your control.  
Hex Torque Frame : The shape of the throat of the racquet is hexagonal in order to prevent the shaft from twisting even when the ball is not hit in the centre of the string. This allows you to reduce vibrations and prevents the loss of power. 

 Weight unstrung 10.58 oz / 300 g
Technology Flex Counter Parts/Synergy Big Hole/Hex Torque Frame/Straight Drill
Composition Carbone
Head Size 100 in² / 645 cm²
Length 26.97 in / 68.5 cm
Balance unstrung 12.6 in / 32.5 cm
Beam Width 23-26-23 mm
String Pattern 16x19

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