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The Dunlop Sx 300 Lite racquet can be used by players who are looking for spin and stability. This racquet was specifically created to provide you with a great deal of spin! The Power Grid and V Energy Shaft II technologies enhance aerodynamism and string movement to maximise ball rotation on each and every shot! 

Provided with 9.5oz (270g) and equipped with a 13in (33cm) balance, this racquet offers additional manoeuvrability and will allow you to easily accelerate your racquet head. The 100in² (645cm²) head size is completed with the Spin Boost Grommets in order to gain forgiveness and limit errors that derive from not hitting the ball in the centre of your racquet head. Furthermore, the 16x19 string pattern optimises string movement and increases power. Be ready to move your opponents around! 

Next, the 68 Ra stiffness level enables the racquet to provide more power than the Tour and 300 models. 

Type of Player:

- beginner to intermediate level players who are looking for maximum spin and power

Technologies :

Sonic Core Infinergy : TPU foam developed by BASF to reduce vibrations and increase the transfer of energy towards the ball
Spin Boost Grommets : The string pattern has been reworked to allow the strings to move freely, but differently. The goal is to increase forgiveness when it comes to not hitting the ball in the centre of your racquet head and correct your shot's trajectory.
V Energy Shaft II : hollowed racquet core to enhance air penetration and stability and bring you even more power 
Power Grid : the gap between the mains has been increased by 10% and 11% between the crosses to enable you to generate more power and spin


 Weight unstrung 9.5 oz / 270 g
Technology Spin Boost Grommets, Sonic Core Infinergy, Power Grid, V Energy Shaft II
Composition Graphite
Head Size 100 in² / 645 cm²
Length 26.97 in / 68.5 cm
Stiffness 68 RA
Balance unstrung 13 in / 33 cm
Beam Width 23-26-23 mm
String Pattern 16x19
Grip Dunlop Viper Dry

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