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You will find many advantages to this machine and this model is a true reference for regular stringers and even professionals.

Touch Pad activates the tension tightening mecanism, automatic clamps and pre-saved tension modes will allow you to save time when stringing. You will also find a string measurer in order to measure the length of your string and limit loses of string from your reel



1. Electronic Tension System :

  • a) Great precision thanks to the adjustable tension system with a LED display, allowing you to accurately adjust the tension.
  • the recovery mecanism lengthens the string - rectilinear system for more power and to allow you to save time
  • faster and more powerful motor
  • the tension can be adjusted from 11.0 to 90.0 lbs (5.0 to 40.0 kgs)
  • the "knot" button will allow you to add 10% more tension when making knots in order to avoid tension loss.

B) Save time thanks to :

  • the Touch Pad that allows you to slide your finger rather than pushing the button to begin tightening the string.
  • the interrupter that provides tension on the trajectory of the positioned string.
  • traction head automatically returns to its original position.
  • when the desired tension is reached, the traction continues from the motor to avoid jolts.
  • this machine can memorise 9 different tensions and can be easily found by pressing a button.
  • the possibility of measuring the amount of string you need. 

2. String tightening system : The central dual clamps are 100% metallic. These 2 central dual clamps are independant and can pivot at 360°. The clamps keep the mains and the crosses nice and tight. You will be able to string the mains simultaneously by stringing one string on the right and one string on the left, which is recommended for highly tensed string as it prevents the risk of having the frame deform. The clamps tighten in 2 points (the axle of the vice and string) and this insures enhanced longevity.

  • the pivoting base blocks quickly :
  • the lever closes in a quarter turn for perfect blocking.
  • adjustable pressure without a tool : a manual wrench adjuster will allow you to adjust the pressure of the clamp based on the string's diameter.
  • perfect clamp adhesion: projection of diamond powder will keep the string from slipping.
  • automatic base blocking after releasing the clamp in order to allow you to save time 

3.Frame support and set of tools : 

  • the mobile arm system will allow you to quickly install the machine and insure excellent support.
  • the adjustable vice will allow you to string all kinds of racquets (tennis, squash, badminton) by insuring the best possible stability.
  • the 6 support areas insure excellent support for all frames.
  • you can meticulously adjust the frame thanks to the 2 thin adjustment screws.
  • our CB20 stringing machines are delivered with a complete tool set that is relevant to stringing racquets : a starting clamp, cutting pliers, two multi-function clamps, an awl, a kit for modifying the clamps to badminton clamps, two flying clamps to string badminton racquets and adjustment keys. There is even an integrated tool storage kit. There is a small storage space that will allow you to keep your tools within reach. 
  • - 2 screws are placed on each side of the tray to enable you to simply move the 2 arms that support the racquet and perfectly adapt it to the racquet's dimensions.

4. String Quickly : You will only need about 20 minutes to string a racquet with this machine. 
5. Easy to Use : A detailed "stringing method" guide is provided for free with each machine. This will help you string your first racquet. 
6. Badminton and Squash : The CB20 machine can string tennis, badminton and squash racquets. 
7. Guarantee : The CB20 is guaranteed for 5 years for the mecanical part and 2 years for the electronic tension system, the clamps and the tool set.

Machine is delivered with leg

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