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The CB-10 stringing machine possesses all of the assets of the CB-10 Pro, but it is delivered with two double-tightening clamps instread central dual clamps. This machine can be used for frequent use : 15-20 racquets restrung per month. The mobile arm system can be quickly installed and insures excellent support.


More Information :
1. Tension System : Quick string tightening thanks to the cylindrical tension system with two clamp teeth on a jack system. The pull tensioner offers perfect traction thanks to the projection of powdered diamond particles. Furthermore, this prevents the string from sliding and the guidance throat helps to avoid any risk of having a string slip. The tension is adjustable between 11 and 90 lbs (9 and 40kg).

2. String tightening system : There are two double tightening clamps that will allow you to string the mains simultaneously. This means you can alternate from doing one string on the right side, then on the left side. This is recommended for strongly tensed strings and it avoids any risk of deforming the frame of the racquet. The pressure is adjustable without a tool : a manual wrench adjuster will allow you to adjust the pressure of the clamp based on the string's diameter.

3.Frame support and set of tools : The mobile arm system will allow you to quickly install the machine and insure excellent support. The adjustable vice will allow you to string all kinds of racquets (tennis, squash, badminton) by insuring the best possible stability. The 6 support areas insure excellent support for all frames. You can meticulously adjust the frame thanks to the adjustment screw. Our CB-10 stringing machines are delivered with a complete tool set that is relevant to stringing racquets : an awl, a string-guide, a multi-use clamp and adjusting keys. There is even an integrated tool storage kit. 

4. String Quickly : You will only need about 25 minutes to string a racquet with this machine. 
5. Easy to Use : A detailed "stringing method" guide is provided for free with each machine. This will help you string your first racquet. 
6. Compact and Transportable :The 26lb weight will allow you to easily transport this machine. 
7. Badminton and Squash : The CB-10 can string tennis, badminton and squash racquets. 
8. Guarantee : The CB-10 is guaranteed for 5 years for the mecanical part and 2 years for the clamps, the tension traction tightener and the tool set. 

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