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This Bullpadel Hack Comfort racquet is made entirely of Fibrix. The fibre glass and carbon fibre combination will effectively increase your comfort level. Also, the Nerve technology, along with the heavier 365g(roughly) weight will bring you more power. On top of that, the diamond shape will release even more power at the moment of impact.

This racquet is ideal for advanced level players who are in search of power and comfort.

Details :
Hack : stiffness in the core of the racquet to enhance accuracy even when you do not hit the centre of your racquet head
Metalshield : bumper in an aluminium alloy on the superior part of the racquet to protect it from shocks and scratches
- MultiEVA : the racquet's core possesses two foam densities : the first is more compact to ensure more power on faster shots and the second is less dense to allow you to gain more control on slower shots
- Nerve : creation of channels on the side of the frame to increase stiffness by lowering the weight 
Fibrix : alloy of fibre glass and carbon fibres to offer more comfort and feel 
- CarbonTube : Hollow tube on the exterior part of the racquet frame. This is made of carbon to offer an excellent compromise between power and control.

Racquet shape Diamond
Weight 12.7 oz / 360-370 g
Length 17.72 in / 45 cm
Thickness 38 mm

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